This right here, ladies and gentlemen, just might be the best beauty-and-beast-story ever.

Because any little girl (or boy for that matter) should grow up knowing that you could be a giant green ogre, and you’d still be bloody gorgeous to the ones that matter.  And not in the “oh, I can overlook your flaws” -kind of way. But in the “those aren’t flaws, they are beauty spots!”-kind of way.

Rant finished.

the donkey fucked a dragon

they made waffles together!

you could say it was a *puts on sunglasses* shrektastic ending

OMG IM DIEING i was on skype with my friend and his dad comes in and yells at him to do his homework and hes like “but daaddddd” and his dad says” NO! you can get back to talking to your friends on the computer at 7:30…..or 6:30 central” hahahaha XD